XNinja Xposed Module for Micromax A89 Ninja

Hey guys! Here is one of the most expected mods by one of our great developers, Adhithya Rajagopal. It is the XNinja Mod.Now first of all,I want you guys to be clear that, this is not a Custom rom. XNinja is a exclusive Xposed module for Micromax A89 Ninja.So now, what is a Xposed module? It involves the use of Xposed Framework and Xposed Bridge.It give a lot of options for customizing your phone.For instance,the lockscreen of the rom can be changed according to the users wish, without changing the whole rom. All the features for theming your smartphone are available in this module.It is a device specific module and not a common one.The options of Xposed modules are generally present in Settings-Display-Xposed Additions.The Xposed module was developed for a reason, that it is annoying for a user to flash a rom again and again just for few or minute changes.

Note : The Xposed module, XNinja is compatible with the following roms of Micromax A89.

  • FusionBlast Custom Rom
  • Stock V1.0,Stock V2.0 and Stock V3.0
  • Quantum Radicle

The Xposed module is not tested in non-stock based roms.So lets jump on to the list of features of XNinja.

Features of Xninja Xposed module :

  • Now even from the running rom,you can boot to recovery by the use of power button.
  • Soft reboot added.
  • Screenshot option added in the power menu.No external applications are used.
  • Four-way rotation feature enabled.It can also be disabled.
  • Navigation bar added.
  • Wake up phone features enabled when unplugged from the charger.
  •  CRT Animation added.
  • Now the application background can be customized according to the user’s wish.
  • Task Swither Background Colour added.
  • Clock option is now customizable in the Status Bar.
  • Transparency in Status Bar.
  • Notification panel date and text are customizable.
  • Three new Toggle(s) themes added.
  • Toggle icons are now customizable.

Instructions to install XNinja :

  • Download the applications from above and place them on your SD-card.
  • Open them and install them individually.
  • Open Xposed Installer+Click on the “Install/Update”.Click on the Ok button in the dialog box when it is prompted.
  • Switch to modules tab and check the checkbox near XNinja[4.0].
  • Reboot.
  • Open XNinja application from the App drawer.
  • Customize accordinly and Enjoy!

Downloads :

XNinja :

Screenshots :




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  • nidhin

    can you please add jelly bean rom for micromax a89

    • http://www.andro-build.org/ Prashanth Sadasivan

      Sorry,there is no Android Jellybean for Micromax A89 till now.But there are other custom roms that will make you feel better.

  • M Nirmal Anandh

    Thanks for Adhitya Rajagopal and prashanth for sharing this.

    • http://www.andro-build.org/ Prashanth Sadasivan

      Welcome @mnirmalanandh:disqus !

  • garvit

    i need the mmx a89 stock rom v1 pls give me the link..

    • http://www.andro-build.org/ Prashanth Sadasivan

      The stock V1 roms have got some heating issues, so I recommend you to download and install the ClockworkMod flashable stock V2 zip
      ClockworkMod flashable stock V2 zip download link : http://goo.gl/Jfq07P

  • Himanshu k

    how to make the status bar transpernt.Please help!

    • http://www.andro-build.org/ Prashanth Sadasivan

      There are many guides in XDA :)

  • eswar

    I didn’t got such changes when I install these